Growing the Largest Triops Possible

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Okay so for the past 3 years I’ve attempted to grow the largest triops I can, and I’m currently in the early stages of my fourth attempt. Each time I’ve grown Triops cancriformis and unfortunately my first year was the most successful so it doesn’t seem as though I’ve learnt much haha. The first year I hatched the triops in a small container and then moved only the largest one to a 95 x 50 x 15cm (~70L) container which was actually the plastic base of an indoor rabbit hutch. I used 2cm of soil I found outside as the substrate (fertiliser and pesticide free obviously). That triops reached a maximum length of 8.5cm in total (i.e. including the caudal rami, 4.6cm without) and I’ll attach a pic beloq (it’s in a smaller tank that I used for measuring it every 2 days) along with a pic of the container it was kept in (it looks pretty gross I know).



Then the year after that I tried to scale up further. I built a 122 x 122 x 30cm (~450L) pond. I went a little over the top though, it had plants and decorations and a whole host of other species in there and it backfired. The triops was growing at a similar rate to the first one so was on track to be the same size or larger but it got itself stuck under a log and died. Here’s a pic of that setup


The third year I simplified things, I used the same 450L pond, but I reduced the decorations and didn’t put any other aquatic species in there other than the triops. This time the triops was again on track to outgrow my first attempt, but sadly it got stuck under the filter and died (I was using a pond filter which I know isn’t the most suitable but I thought it would be fine if I ensured it didn’t create a strong current). This is a pic of the third setup (the filter wasn’t used as a fountain like that when the triops was in there, it was just to help oxygenate the water before the triops was added)


And so that brings me to my fourth attempt. I’m currently typing this sat next to a small 7.5L tank with 5 little triops swimming around. They hatched 8 days ago and the largest is around 1.2cm (not including caudal rami) though I can’t get a perfect measurement yet. This time I’m essentially taking my first method, doubling the size and doubling the science. I’m using the same soil I used in my first attempt and I’m again using the base of an indoor rabbit hutch, though this time it will be 156.5 x 77 x 30cm (~360L). I’m using a sponge filter this time, water will be kept between 22 and 25ºC, I’m monitoring pH, GH, KH, nitrites, nitrates and ammonia, they’re on a 12/12 light and dark cycle and they’re given a pretty varied diet but options are fairly limited at the moment since they’re still quite small. I would be happy to move the largest triops to the big tank today but inconveniently shipment of the container had been really delayed so it’ll be another 2 or 3 weeks before it arrives and there’s nothing I can do.

I’m going to be posting progress (bascially just measurement and tank updates) to my Twitter account (@JakeBiology) and maybe here as well as things go on. I’d really apprechiate if anyone has any tips or suggestions though, and I’m no expert but I’m also more than happy to answer any questions. 

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Some random updates: I got a nitrite spike in my tank and it sadly resulted in 3 of my 5 Triops having shedding issues. I managed to help out 1 of them but the other 3 died. The three that I have are looking pretty healthy though and the nitrites are under control again now. They’re 24 days old as of 2½ hours ago and about 5.7cm including the caudal rami, give or take a few millimetres. Still haven’t had the big tank arrive yet so it’s gonna be a while before I can get one in there sadly

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